This is a WordPress/WooCommerce plugin for Developers, eShop Owners, Affiliate Marketers! The Βenefits and usefulness depends on your knowledge in marketing! Below, we share the knowledge which was based on the creation of this Effective Marketing Tool.

Make prices seem lower and get more sales!

The left-digit effect suggests that consumers just can’t be bothered to read to the end of prices. The mind puts the most emphasis on the number on the far-left, so even though $49.90 is closer to $50, it’s the “4” that registers. So the price is perceived as 40-something, appears cheaper.

This strategy used from all big stores to Increase Conversions (Amazon, Aliexpress, Argos, Sainsbury’s, eBay, Zappos and more…).

Effect of font size and appearance in left-digit price cognition.

a) Enlarging the price font size with smaller decimals. Benefits:

  • Left digit effect (prices seem lower, so even though $49.90 is closer to $50, it’s the “4” that registers).
  • Price Anchoring (an individual’s perception of price is strongly influenced by the price of the first thing they see).
  • Price Comparison (the difference between $4 and $5 is perceived as very different than the difference between $3.99 and $5).

b) Highlight the difference of prices, Regular/Sale. Benefits:

  • Keep the Regular price on the default small size and simply changing the font, size and color of the signage for the current Sale price.
  • Visually highlight the effect of both prices with different colors.

This tricks will increase the number of purchases, because customers see the new price as cheaper and a better deal than the previous price.

c) Prefix/Suffix. Benefits:

  • Apply magnitude words near the price.
  • Make it seem like everyone’s cool with your prices.

Use the “Prefix” and “Suffix” if you want people to perceive your price to be low, then make sure that the lexical elements near your price — i.e., the words and phrases — are congruent with a small magnitude, so words like deal, sale, save, 25% off, free shipping, best seller, best buy etc.